Buy Domains

If you want to buy cheap domain names you should remember that the cheapest domain is not always the best way to go when you buy domains. First you want to find a domain registrar. Then, conduct a domain search to find the best domain names for the money. Check the web address registration and find the owner or whoever is managing the domain. Then, you will either use one of the many domain name brokers or contact the owner directly and find out if the domain name is for sale and at what price.

buy  domain namesWhen I started, I dreamed up what I thought was the greatest name in the world. guess what? Nobody came to my site. So, after a few agonizing months I decided to start Retirement for the Rest of Remember that site? Yeah! nobody else does either. It seems that you have to have “something to say.”  I wrote some posts that were memorable if only for their complete lack of substance.

My Creative writing teachers  say that I should try to evoke an “emotion” in my writing. Well, it appears that I have succeeded in  capturing the essence of the emotion boredom” in many of my posts.  (you may be getting tired right now!)

Domain Names

So, I have learned that the domain name is not as important as the content..

To see the proof of this just look at some popular names,,,, or any other fruit for that matter.  The important thing is the content. domain names are nothing without content. So maybe what I need is cheap content for my cheap domains. That’s where comes in.

At you can get in contact with a faceless unknown web person of  dubious origin and they, for a mere 5 bucks, will write anything you want. You can get 400 words on the first Peloponnesian war, jotted down by  a 20 year old art major working on her tan in Manta, Ecuador. It’s great for the guy who doesn’t have the time to actually write anything  themselves. It’s even better for guys like me who actually don’t know anything.!

Now I’ve found that for a pathetic amount such as 10 or twenty bucks I can put up a web post that makes thousands. . . Ok not really. But I have made as much as 1.70 in a day. (but only the one time). I am averaging about 20 cents a day. (yes, I’m looking for a second home in Tuscany)