Build a Boat – Boat Building Plans

Build a Boat – Boat Building Plans

There are thousands of sites  for boat  plans. Build  a boat sites that sell plans showing youbuild a boat how they built a boat or a houseboat  are so numerous that you could never read them all. I know, I’ve tried! So, I  decided to try and sort them out a little and help you find what you are looking for a little quicker.The more time you save now, the more time you’ll have to play on your new boat.    Just click on  the Red tabs below   

To build a boat or a houseboat you’re going to want accurate plans, easy to read instructions, a dry place to work, and the right tools. Most of the sites that sell plans also provide information on the types of wood and the many different glues, paints and epoxies available.

It’s always easier to build something when you can see it being built. If you check out the boat building stories you can see many boats in various stages of construction. Some people take years to build a build a boatboat while others put a boat together in a few weeks or months. I guess it all depends on whether you want a masterpiece or a good time next summer. That’s the nice thing about building a boat.You can make it just what you want it to be, a camouflaged duck boat or a classic mahogany run-about.

There is nothing like learning from the experiences of others.  The boater’s blogs and stories have more than a lifetime’s worth of wisdom and it comes without the pain of lessons learned the hard way.

Boat Building Plans

Boater’s Blogs

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